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Lab Members

Lab Alumni

Lillian Zhang, 2012-2013, current UC Davis MD/PhD student

Martin Manoukian, 2013-2015, current UC Davis Medical student

Emily Snyder, 2013-2015, current NGM Pharmaceuticals Research Associate II

Glen Hirsh, PhD, 2017-2018, Postdoctoral Fellow, now medical writer 

Jenny Wei, 2018-2020, current Dermatology Resident, University of Pennsylvania

Donna Brennan-Crispi, PhD, 2018-2021, Associate Director Basic Research, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Shreya Bhattacharya, PhD, 2019-2022, Scientist, biotech firm

Casey Spencer, 2015-2022, Lab manager


Daphne Cheung, 2016, currently working in consulting

Hari Magge, 2016-2017, current GW medical student

Maxwell Frankfurter, 2019-2020, current University of Pennsylvania MSTP student

Hali Kim, 2018-2021, current Penn State medical student

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