Leung Lab

Research Overview

Our group studies how injured tissues heal, and in some cases, how injured tissues regenerate without a scar. We have innovated new methods for studying wound healing and tissue regeneration in mice and humans. Based on our own findings, we are actively running clinical trials to bring these therapies to the clinic. Our group also studies inflammatory skin diseases. We are actively collecting human patient samples and performing genomics studies to understand the underlying pathophysiology of disease.


Mammalian Tissue Regeneration

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Inflammatory Skin Diseases

We are interested in understanding how inflammatory skin diseases develop. We have set up the infrastructure to collect human patient samples. We perform genomic studies directly on these samples to dissect out the underlying pathophysiology. And we confirm these findings using in vitro and in vivo model systems.

Recently, our work uncovered the mechanism of action for a common skin care treatment. Dilute bleach baths are used in medical clinics for treatment of eczema. We showed that dilute bleach baths inhibit NF-κB, a master regulator of inflammation and aging. Moreover, dilute bleach baths reversed mouse skin aging (red arrows show difference in thickness of the epidermis). Based on this knowledge, we are running two clinical trials testing the efficacy of dilute bleach baths in other inflammatory skin diseases. 

Molecular Therapeutics

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